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Ten Cent Heroes

Apr 22, 2020

After fending off an ambush, our heroes do the next logical thing: go hang out with the people who ambushed them. Intent on finding out more about the rock leviathan, the gang follows Nahiri back to her group's camp to see what they can dig up. What follows is a night of stories, somewhat heavy drinking, and...

Mar 11, 2020

An evening of target practice goes awry as Reyseria finds herself surrounded by an ambush. Who are these attackers, and what do they want? Can Resyeria smooth-talk her way out of this, or will steel meet steel out on the Shaar?

Feb 19, 2020

The hunt is on! With Sloane and her inner circle in tow, the party sets out into the Shaar once more in search of a rock leviathan. However, it turns out finding a creature big enough to be considered a landmark is harder than it sounds. 

Feb 7, 2020

It's another bright and early morning for our heroes as they prepare to head out into the Shaar to find the ingredients needed to make a cure for the disease plaguing Redshire. Yoza's mind keeps wandering to the past, while the rest of the gang tries to figure out how to convince the Radiant Court to help them in their...

Jan 23, 2020

A new day dawns after our heroes have gotten a night of rest, though some are more well-rested than others. Percival takes the gang down to the infirmary to check in on Yoza's friend while Imon reads Azalea's Grimoire to find a cure for the disease plaguing the town. Just in time, too, because Marcy and Canon aren't...