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Ten Cent Heroes

Sep 28, 2018

Our heroes have just won the chariot race and have the prize money in hand to free Io! However, there are other matters to attend to. On her way home from the race, Reyseria gets a visit from a family friend. Yoza and Canon receive a missive. Somewhere else in the city, a new adventurer gets her fortune read...


Sep 18, 2018

The gang gets fast and furious as they compete in the chariot race to earn the gold they need to free Io from the Blooming Orchid! They've got a pretty sick chariot, but with five other teams out for blood, will our heroes even make it to the finish line?

Sep 1, 2018

The gang goes on a quest to find somebody to pimp their ride. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as Reyseria weaves a (completely false) tale, Canon disappoints some monkly colleagues, and Yoza chats with some animal friends.